Delegates' Comments from Dr Rowlands and Moore's ECG Course May 2013

"It was one of the most enjoyable courses I have been on and I learnt a considerable amount re ECG that I had forgotten or was never taught" - Consultant, Emergency Medicine

"The course was excellent. Knowledgeable speakers who were able to explain complex concepts & took the time to go through it again if required ;clinical context & presentation style also helped what might otherwise would have been rather  dry.
the course was pitched at the right level - some things I knew , some I thought I knew but didn't (!) & plenty of new things too."   Consultant, Emergency Medicine

“I think the course was organized efficiently and all aspects were nicely covered. Both the speakers were superb. They made me understand the aspects of ECGs that I never understood fully. Will recommend the course to everyone. Cant wait to attend the arrhythmia part of the course.”  Consultant, Acute Medicine

"Great Course. Just perfect"  Associate Specialist, Falls Service

"I found the ECG Course for Consultants and Hospital Doctors to be very useful and has changed my practice significantly. I am eagerly looking forward to another teaching day on rhythm disorders. Dr.Rowlands and Dr.Moore were brilliant and experts at teaching an extremely complex subject,the understanding of which is crucial to our daily practice" SpR, Acute Medicine and Gastroenterology

"Comprehensively excellent" Delegate ECG Course May 2013

"Interesting, informative and interactive" Delegate ECG Course May 2013

"Excellent speakers, in depth cover of topics" Delegate ECG Course May 2013

"Special day for ECG interpretation for anaesthetists" Delegate ECG Course May 2013
"A brilliant course. Really brought a much brighter light to my previous knowledge of ECG interpretation. The use of diagrams to clarify electrophysiology makes the subject much more readily understandable" Delegate ECG Course May 2013

"Golden nuggets of info" Delegate ECG Course May 2013

"Presentation very entertaining and yet concise" Delegate ECG Course May 2013

"No dumbing down. Targets widely prevalent deficiency. Superb!" Delegate ECG Course May 2013

"Legendary performance of Derek Rowlands" Delegate ECG Course May 2013

"Treated like adults with high expectations" Delegate ECG Course May 2013

"Thorough for a one day course" Delegate ECG Course May 2013

"Very good course, attend again" Delegate ECG Course May 2013

"High quality teaching" Delegate ECG Course May 2013

"Enthusiastic speakers" Delegate ECG Course May 2013

"Recognised many abnormalities previously unaware of" Delegate ECG Course May 2013

"Excellent speakers" Delegate ECG Course May 2013

"Best CPD event I have been to for a long time" Delegate ECG Course May 2013


Delegates' comments from Drs Rowlands and Moore's previous ECG courses

“This is probably the best course I have attended in over 20years. I would be very keen to make this more widely available to practitioners within Manchester and hope to do this” 

“This course provides an excellent, structured & logical system for the interpretation of ECG’s”
“I was blown away by this course! It is simply excellent!”
“Best educational event attended in post graduate career”
“I truly understand the ECG – should be compulsory for all GP’s”
“This course has greatly improved my knowledge.”
“Excellent teaching method!”
 “Excellent programme, if intensive. Pity I hadn’t attended a course like this 20 or 30 years ago!”
“This is the best course I have attended so far!”

“Can't ask for anything better. Wonderful course. Having mainly surgical background - didn’t know much about ECGs and recently joined A&E so this is the best thing I have done to myself to come to this course” 



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