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At Revalidaid we provide various services aimed at supporting most of your revalidation needs. We offer courses, 360 degree feedback programme and appraisals. 


Our courses are designed to cater towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements. We pride ourselves in providing high quality speakers covering relevent educational topics. Our range of courses contribute towards both the Clinical and Nonclinical CPD requirements for all levels of Doctors and Specialist.

The reduction in both Doctors study leave and the educational budget means that it is more essential than ever for each and every course a Doctor attends to be on point and effective. This is why the range of educational programs we offer at Revalidaid are designed to specifically support the continued professional development of medical professionals throughout the country in a professional and cost effective manner.

From traditional practice through to the new cutting edge technology, the courses that we offer enable our delegates to update their skills and knowledge of the latest developments in the field of medicine.
With a constantly revised and updated course curriculum we believe that our courses are at the forefront of the medical training and we aim to provide the best experience for our delegates.

For further information on our range of courses or the services we offer, please feel free to contact us or choose from the range of upcoming courses for full details of the courses available and the opportunity to book directly online.

360 Degree Feedback

Although 360 feedback has been in existence for many years, it is only very recently that it has come to light just how beneficial the information gained from such a process can be. The information received when collecting feedback from a wide range of healthcare professionals  can create greater self awareness for Doctors and provide further insight into their strengths and weakness. Furthermore, this process is essential in supporting the continuing professional development of all medical specialists and can highlight training requirements of Doctors to achieve long term development goals.
However, with a reputation for being time consuming and irrelevant, only by implementing such a practice in an efficient and user friendly manner can we ensure that we gain the advantages that feedback can create without becoming an unnecessary drag on the limited resources of our very busy colleagues.
How We Can Help?

To ensure that such a process is perceived as a positive tool rather than an onerous task here at Revalidaid we have developed our own bespoke feedback solution that enables all data to be gathered, inputted and analysed in a fast and efficient manner that will benefit everyone involved. This hassle free service is fully managed by us enabling the doctor to free up more of their time to focus on providing outstanding care to patients.
Questionnaires are sent to your colleagues for their input by Revalidaid and the feedback is then collected and consolidated by our experienced team to create a pool of data. Following in-depth analysis and correlation, we will deliver a full and detailed report of your results directly to you with easy to use headings. This offers a clear and concise critique of your practice from the people who really count. This incredibly valuable data is then ready and waiting to provide solutions and suggestions as to how your practice can be improved to benefit both the patients and your own practice.
All data we collect is treated with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality 

For further details of the support we can offer in organising 360 degree feedback please contact us.





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